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Green Tween Vote
by calypso Dragon 13

Here’s how iTwixie’s Green Tween of the Month works:

Today the voting for April Green Tween will begin.  Here are the reasons girls were nominated:

shimmer923 - made a coat rack out of recycled materials and a windmill too. She knows how to recycle!

nerw - has waited long enough to be elected again!

glittercookie - recently made recyclable jewlery and plans to redo an old building in her town for a silver award. She recycles and tries to reuse as many things as possible.

lifeliver166 - makes things out of old shoe-boxes, put up posters around the house about how to be greener, and for her Girl Scout Gold award (that she’ll be doing in a year or two) wants to pick up garbage around the roads and put in trash cans near the side or re-populate her area with bob-white quail, which are extinct in her area.

[gravityform id="4" name="Who should be Green Tween for April?" ajax="true"]

The winner will be announced on April 16!

Isn’t this kewl? iTwixie GREEN girls ROCK!!!
(Photo Credit: calypsoDragon13)

  1. Way to go, girls!

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