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Our friends at the Denver Zoo have shared some very special news with us. This adorable southern tamandua is pregnant and the zookeepers think she’ll give birth around March. So stay tuned!

Usually you could see Rio as part of the Denver Zoo’s Education collection, which provides opportunities for up-close, animal encounters for programs like outreach visits and VIP tours. But now that Rio is expecting, she’ll be chilling behind the scenes.
So do you know what Rio is? Check out her features. Notice anything about her face, paws or body that might help you guess?

See if you’re right!

[gravityform id="154" name="What is Rio" ajax="true"]

  1. Actually, that was kind of easy!:D If, you can’t get it, keep trying! You’ll get it eventually!

  2. Wow – this is more difficult than we thought!

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