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Happy Cinco de Mayo
Photo credit: Russ Bowling

Today is a great day to celebrate Mexican culture, heritage and pride. How are you celebrating? In Mexico, there’s a big celebration in Puebla, which is pictured here. Isn’t it beautiful? That’s because Cinco de Mayo is actually all about a battle that happened in Puebla between Mexico and France. It all happened in 1862. And it was a big deal because the French army was about double the size of the Mexican army. And still, the Mexican army prevailed. Do you know the rest of the story? Tell us what you know right here!

Many people think that today is Independence Day in Mexico, but actually, it’s not.

No matter how you are celebrating this fun, happy day, enjoy it! Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Photo credit: Russ Bowling

  1. My family is Mexican, and we really didn’t do anything but fly our Mexican flag. We never celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but we celebrate other Mexican national holidays. Cinco de Mayo is very much Americanized.

  2. We cheered and made a great toast in Spanish. Good to know that we are all confused… we thought it was just our family! What did you all do? Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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