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Prairie Dog Pup

Sure – seems like everyone is celebrating Groundhog Day today – but at iTwixie, we are celebrating our friendship with prairie dogs and cheering for Prairie Dog Day!

Prairie Dogs are friends of iTwixie. We have been celebrating them for years! Why? Well, they are a social, cute keystone species, who many on the prairie see as a nuisance. But they really are the reason why other animals can thrive on the prairies. Without the prairie dogs, many animals would be in danger, along with a bunch of grasses and other plant life. We have been learning about the prairie dog for years, alongside the worldwide expert in prairie dogs, Dr. John Hoogland, and his team from the University of Maryland. We stand with the prairie dog!

So that’s why we cheer on our friends, the prairie dogs! Speak up! Their lives are in danger! So join in and let’s hear it for the groundhog’s cousin, the prairie dog, and celebrate Prairie Dog Day today!

Thank you, Denver Zoo, for thinking of this cool day! This is our 7th year celebrating with you!

Happy Prairie Dog Day!

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