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iCreate: Participate in The Hour of Code
December 10, 2013

Do you know about The Hour of Code?

It is part of Computer Computer Science Education Week, “an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in computer science.” Each year, it is held during the week of computing superstar Admiral Grace Murray Hopper’s birthday.

Spearheaded by the folks at a non-profit called Code.org,  The Hour of Code is intended to get kids like you excited about learning more about computers, technology — and designing a great future for yourself. And  by becoming a computer scientist, you can help build a better world for everyone else, too!

There all kinds of fun ways to participate this year. Check out these great ideas for building games on your own computer or iPhone — and even check out some ideas for learning computer science basics without plugging in.

But don’t just take our word for why you should do it. Hear from President Obama about why should participate!

(Photo Credit: ilamont.com)

  1. In my tech Ed class we did a ton of coding. SUPER AWESOME!!

  2. i did the hour of code in school and me and my friends thought it was so cool. now i do https://scratch.mit.edu/ every week. computer programing is fun, and intresting
    even though the offical week for hour of code is gone you could and should try it-@coolcat98

  3. I just did this! This was so cool!

  4. Cool! This sounds so interesting!

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