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Prairie Dog Pup


All you have to do is help the Prairie Dog Squad, led by Dr. John Hoogland, figure out how many prairie dog pups are going to be born this year on his study site. Ready?

Here are the facts:

  • There are 229 adult prairie dogs. 123 of these are females.
  • Females usually have litters 1-7 prairie dog pups in a litter, and the most common litter size is 4.
  • To guess how many pups will be caught and marked this year, just  multiply the number of females (123) times the average number of pups in a litter (4) and then factor in the variables.


Variables? Yes, variables. Variables are facts that can change the way things normally work. So with prairie dog pups, you need to know that:

- Not all female prairie dogs have litters.

- Not all pups survive and come above ground so that they can be counted – sometimes they get sick or predator gets to them first!

So give it some thought and see what you think. How many prairie dog pups do YOU think our team of researchers will count this year?

[gravityform id="48" name="Pick your prairie dog pup estimate out from the ranges listed here:" ajax="true"]

You can become a Jr. Prairie Dog Squad Member! All peeps who enter an estimate will earn this uber cool Prairie Dog Achievement:


(Photo Credit: harmi2009)

I need to buy Viagra in Cary North Carolina, Buy Viagra with visa in Glendale Arizona

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