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The Prairie Dog Squad knows that these 3 predators attack prairie dogs.


1) The Bobcat



2) The Golden Eagle



3) The Coyote


Your Challenge is to tell iTwixie which predator you think is the most DANGEROUS to the prairie dog.

All you have to do to take this Challenge is to write which predator you think is the most dangerous in the comment section below. Everyone who enters a name will win the Prairie Dog Challenge Award! So how do you think you can figure this out? What makes a predator most dangerous? Do you think it has to do with how many times it attacks the prairie dog town? Or how many prairie dogs it attacks? Hmmm…

Be sure to stay tuned because in July, the Prairie Dog Squad, led by Dr. John Hoogland, will let us know which predator was the most dangerous and why. Which one do you think it will be? Get your challenge answer in now!

(Photo Credits: Paul and Jill, goingslo, jack_spellingbacon, ZionNPS)

  1. I think that the golden eagle is the most fearful for the prairie dogs. It is fast, it plunges down, and…well. It has the poor prairie dog for lunch.

  2. I say the Golden Eagle just because it might be easier to attack a prairie dog because of its sharp talons and it could easily fly off with one.

  3. This is hard, but I’d say the bobcat.

  4. The coyote as well

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