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Take the Prairie Dog STEM Challenge!
Prairie Dog Pup

All you have to do to take the Prairie Dog STEM Challenge is to make your hypothesis — or an educated guess – about how many prairie dog pups will come above ground this year. Don’t worry! You get some help!

There are no WRONG educated guesses… they’re all guesses! That’s because NO ONE KNOWS how many prairie dog babies have been born. Not even the Prairie Dog Experts!

Here’s how YOU can make an educated guess:

Use what we know:

  • There are 12 prairie dog litters.
  • There can be between 1 and 8 pups in each litter, but the average number of pups in a litter is 5.
  • 75% of prairie dog pups born actually come out of the burrow.

This means:

  • The largest number of prairie dog pups would be 12 x 8 = 96.
  • The smallest number of prairie dog pups would be 12 x 1 = 12.
  • The most likely number would be 12 x 5 x .75 = 45.

Now you can make what scientists call an educated guess. An educated guess is really just a guess. But it’s not a random guess. It’s a guess that’s based on some good thinking and good data. That’s why it’s called an educated guess. And now you’re ready to make yours. Any guess between 12 and 96 is a good guess. We will all have to wait until all the prairie dog pups come above ground to know the correct answer.

The Prairie Dog Experts think the prairie dog pups will start coming above ground in late May. iTwixie will keep you posted!

Get guessing and enter your educated guess in the comments section below! The girl closest to the actual number of pups this year will get a SURPRISE!

You go, girls!

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