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Smart Girl Challenge
iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge

Way to go @olivialc! You did it! You solved last week’s Smart Girl Challenge! Here’s how @olivialc fixed this tricky sentence: Always remember to do your very best,” said the girls, “and you will always feel proud, even if you are not the best in your class.”

Now, @olivialc, just send in your parent’s mailing address to “info@itwixie.com” and we’ll send your prize!

Here’s this week’s sentence for YOU to try and fix:
her and her bestie decided to go to the partee but they had a lot of stuf to do so they, jus met there,

How the iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge works:
Just be the first Smart Girl to successfully fix the sentence above and you’ll get a surprise from iTwixie! All answers will be posted next Monday morning. So be sure to check back and see if YOU were our next Smart Girl Challenge winner! Remember, we’re looking for new winners each week. So if you’ve already won in the last 6 months, we will likely award the prize to another girl. Good luck girls!

  1. Good job @olivialc! You did great!:D
    She and her bestie decided to go to the party,but they had a lot of stuff to do,so they just met there.

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