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Smart Girl Challenge

We are so happy to announce the winner of last week’s Smart Girl Challenge! Way to go, @gladelaide! You are right: the most common term to describe an object’s energy before it is released is potential energy! It was a tough question, but YOU DID IT! Woo hoo! You are a #SmartGirl, @gladelaide! Now, just email your parent’s mailing address to “info@itwixie.com” and we will send a surprise to you!

 Ok, girls! Ready for this week’s Smart Girl Challenge? 

This question seems simple, but see if you can be the first one to answer it correctly. See these two books? Why can’t you pull them apart? To answer this question, try the following: Separating Books

Question: How  come you can’t pull the books apart from each other?

To figure it out, try this “science project” approach, as follows:

What you need:
2 identical paperback books

1. You want to insert the two books together about 4-5 pages at a time.  The quickest way to do this is like a riffle shuffle.

2. When you have fully interleaved the books push them together so there is an overlap of about 2-3cm.  The hold the two books by their spines and try to pull them apart. You can’t! Why?

First girl to get it right gets the prize! We’ll announce the winner next week. Good luck, girls!

How the iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge works:
Just be the first Smart Girl to successfully answer the question above and you’ll get a surprise from iTwixie! All answers will be posted next Monday. So be sure to check back and see if YOU are our next Smart Girl Challenge winner! Remember, we’re looking for new winners each week. So if you’ve already won in the last 6 months, we will likely award the prize to another girl. Good luck girls!


 Thank you, JoJo for this really cool science question!

  1. I still think it ain’t fair but whatever

  2. This aint fair! @fundipgirl guessed the correct answer first! I’m nominating her for blogger of the month and she better win cuz this ain’t fair!

    • Actually, @fundipgirl guessed two answers… so we had to keep the challenge going for another week to see who would answer the question with the one, correct answer! Sorry that it sounds unfair, but we couldn’t give her the prize when she put two answers down, you know? I hope you, and @fundipgirl, understand. :)

  3. Because when you grip on to the spines it tightens the pages together?

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