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Is your 2018 kicking off as marvelously as you’d like? What would make it more marvelous? Let’s bring all that’s Marvelous to iTwixie this March. What is marvelous to you?

• Think of  Marvelous ways to empower Girls Around the World
• Share Marvelous blogs
• Do Marvelous workouts and teach us, too
• Try a Marvelous recipe and tell us about it

Ready? You are Marvelous!




Photo credit: @MissMonkey



  2. Activity: Playing with my crazy dog
    Outfit: ???
    What it means: 24 hours of HOT WEATHER

  3. Its the Goldilocks season cause its not to cold, not too hot, juuust Right

  4. eating eggs and getting a mouthful of cookies and Sprite

  5. What is your favorite Spring activity? Outfit? What does Spring mean to you?

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