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What Your Friend Likes About You
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See if you can write a blog post about what your friend likes about you. Try not to write it about yourself, but instead, write it as if you are writing as your friend.

Here’s how:
Pretend you are her.
Would your friend say that you are a good friend? Why?
What makings hanging out with you fun?
Do you have special things that you say to each other that make you laugh?
How does it make her feel when you and she do something to celebrate a special occasion?
Is she sad when you go on vacation or when you go away on a trip? Why? What does she miss?

Write a blog or write a paragraph right here! You don’t have to answer all of these questions. Let them help you think of ideas. And have fun writing this! This is going to be so fun!

  1. one of my friends is funny and kind like me and we are so similar ans we have so many funny memories together she has been my best friend for like forever. we love to start things like we made a babysitter meet and we started making our own cheer team. We barely even did any of things we started. My best friend would say i am crazy, funny and nice.

  2. My cousin/BFF: She’s really nice, and she’s also really weird and awkward but I like her that way :P

    My other cousin/friend: Well um Finella is really random and crazy but she’s a good friend.

    My sister: Finella is evil evil evil evil EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lol, she always calls me evil)

    BFF at school: Finella is really mean because she always laughs at me (sorry :p) but then I always forgive her like five seconds after. She is the only one I share my most secret secrets. And she always laughs really loudly when something small happens but I don’t know she’s really weird and crazy but she is my best friend.

    BFF outside of school: She cried when I left the school. Like seriously. She’s really shy but when she’s around eh me and our other friends she’s CRAZY!!

  3. I now have an idea of what my friends would say~! (Each one may have slightly different opinions, that’s why I’m going to list their names and what they might say)

    Madison: She is a great friend. She’s very funny, and doesn’t mind when I randomly poke her during Church services. [Levvi Here: Actually, I DO kind of mind XP] It’s also fun walking around Church with her, talking about serial killers, hamsters, possibly-mean dogs, clowns, and a bunch of other random stuff. She’s outgoing, funny, spunky, and a little bit… crazy. ;)

    Baily: I love her awkwardness! She’s very funny, and obsessed with Harley Quinn and Goosebumps. [Levvi Here: Yeah... I am X3] We talk about lots of random stuff, including 3D-Pen-Glasses, Goosebumps, Suicide Squad costumes, pranking icecream-truck drivers, and being awkward together!

    Kalea: She’s goofy, weird, awkward, crazy, and fun!

    Emily: She’s fun, crazy, has a great sense of humor, and loves looking through the Claire’s magazine I always bring with me!

    Emily (my online sister): She’s a great little sister. She’s funny, nice, and really fun to talk to. We both enjoy RPing together, and we’re like a real-life Rin and Len Kagamine. I love her! [Levvi Here: Awe I ♥ you too! And BTW, Emily would be Len and I would be Rin.]

    So yeah, that’s probs what they would say about me ;D

  4. And crazy. I’m really crazy. Not hyper crazy. Just crazy.

  5. So in 8th grade, I had a best friend who was so fun. We loved pretending we were in a band and would use brooms, kitchen utensils and bowls to perform our favorite songs in the middle of her family room – here’s why we had so much fun together and what I think she’d say about me:

    There’s nothing better than air-band-playing songs with you because it’s like we’re really on stage in some big stadium, and you belt out every word like it’s yours, and if you forget a word you make it up and keep singing right to the end – it’s a blast! Ha ha ha!

    And then we laugh and laugh and laugh

    What’s better than that?

  6. I don’t really know what my friends think of me XD I’ll try anyways <3

  7. my friends say such things bout me;
    My friends: “Oh!I can’t live a single day without you,..do you know what happens to me when I don’t find you by my side,..it’s the worst feeling ever…You are the only one who makes us laugh like that….Don’t U ever try to leave us…

  8. This is tricky. I’m not completely sure what my best friend would say about me. XD Probably that I’m funny, outgoing, and fun. :p

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