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White House Science Fair

100 Science Fair winners were invited to the 3rd Annual White House Science Fair in Washington DC.  President Obama checked out all of their science projects. Pretty cool, right?

Tell us about your Science Fair, Science Festival or Science Olympiad… and get this: YOU will earn a STEM Science Fair Achievement. It’s that easy! Maybe NEXT year, you’ll get invited to the White House, too!

(Photo Credit: Washington Post)

  1. when i was in 4th grade, we had a science fair with 2 levels, and i was picked 2 go 2 the next level, with my friend mia. sooo sweet!!!

  2. I was thinking about science this week and how amazing the world is.

  3. I had a school science fair but no one won. I made a windmill. i even brought in my hair dryer to school to show it worked. i got strange looks but i am sure i got an A+.

  4. We don’t have a science fair. We have Science Olympiad. And it rocks.

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