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What makes you a green tween?

Do you:

  • Ride your bike or carpool to school?
  • Recycle your cans and bottles
  • Plant trees
  • Organize clean-ups at your school or park?

…or care for the planet in another amazing way?

Use the comment field below to tell us about what you do to make the world a better — and greener — place! Or nominate a BFF for the work she does! Next week, we will host a vote so we can pick one lucky (and hard-working) ITwixie girl to be November’s Green Tween of the Month!

And get this: the winner will get a cool prize! So get going, girls! Spread the word about your green efforts — or START SOMETHING NEW NOW!


How to buy Viagra in San Bernardino California - Where can i buy Viagra without prescription in Henderson Nevada

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