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Congratulations, @soccer-smiley17! You are the winner of the last week’s Word of the Day! Way to go! Send in your parent’s mailing address and we’ll send to you an iTwixie t-shirt!

Here’s how iTwixie’s Word of the Day works: Every Wednesday, check iTwixie at 9 am Eastern Time to find a cool word to learn and use for the day. Then write a sentence using it in the comments section below. All week long, we’ll collect your sentences and then next Wednesday morning, at 9am, we’ll announce a winner of a really cool prize and give you another iTwixie Word of the Day!

How fun and easy is this?

Today’s word: talisman.
Talisman means lucky charm. Go ahead and write a sentence with this word. Next week we’ll announce the winner!

Way to go, girls! These words are the kinds of words you need to know when you take the SAT, a test that many colleges require when you take in order to apply. So you are getting a head start! Woot woot!


  1. At my school, we all made talismans to put on a significant thing after we completed a task that a famous Youtuber with cancer(Talia) was unable to finish during her short but sweet life.

  2. Everytime I meet a new friend, I make a personalized talisman to aid them on our friendship journey.

  3. My younger sister created a talisman for me to wear when I go on adventures to ensure my safe return.

  4. I lovingly held the gold chained bracelet with my pear-shaped talisman that my mother gave me before she went missing.

  5. I have a talisman for soccer hopeing are team will win and it works most of the time

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