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Congratulations, @iTwixieAdmin! You are the winner of iTwixie’s Word of the Day from last week! Here’s @iTwixieAdmin‘s sentence using last week’s word, remuneration:

Empowering girls from every corner of this planet is enough remuneration for me. 

Here’s how iTwixie’s Word of the Day works: Every Wednesday, check iTwixie at 9 am Eastern Time to learn a cool, new word. Then write a sentence using it in the comments section below. All week long, we’ll collect your sentences and then next Wednesday morning, at 9am, we’ll announce a winner of a really cool prize and give you another iTwixie Word of the Day!

How fun and easy, right?

Today’s word: hamper.
Hamper means to hinder or obstruct. Go ahead and write a sentence with hamper. Next week we’ll announce who won a cool prize!

iTwixie’s Word of the Day uses words that you need to know to take placement tests for college. Seriously! Now doesn’t that make you feel smart? Where do you dream of going to college? You go, girls! SMART GIRLS ROCK!

  1. “Don’t hamper me and let me get my work done.” I said to my brother, but my use of a uncommon word didn’t appear to register with him.

  2. Here is a sentence with the word “hamper” in it:
    No one can hamper with us when we are trying to change the world.
    I really hope that made sense! LOL :D

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