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girls can change the world
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Let’s here it for @feefee! She is this week’s winner for the Word of the Week Challenge, using the word primary! Now, @feefee, just send your parent’s mailing address to “info@itwixie.com” and you’ll get a surprise within the next 30 days!

Now it’s time for our new Word of the Week! Ready to raise your voice? Just write a sentence using this week’s Word of the Week and you’ll get a chance to win a prize! It’s so easy!

Here’s the new Word of the Week: friendship

How iTwixie’s Word of the Week Works:
Check with iTwixie every Wednesday morning to see who won last week’s challenge and get the new iTwixie Word of the Week. Then, take the Word of the Week Challenge! All you have to do is write a sentence in the comments section below, using the new Word of the Week. Try and write a sentence that shows what that word means to you. Get writing, girls!


  1. Friendship is a blessing. Where would we be without friendship? Without friendship, we’d have no friends, and with no friends, who’s going to support you? Who’s going to be there for you during your tough times, and even your happy times? Friendship is one of the best things ever. :)

  2. Friendship is something you should cherish and grasp on to, for it means someone can walk you through life while, at the same time, be happy for who you are.

  3. Friendship is very important in your life :]

  4. I love friendship

  5. Friendship is the best thing you could ever have! It means you will always have someone there for you :)

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