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iTwixie Word of the Week

Congratulations, lifeliver166! You just won this week’s iTwixie Word of the Week Challenge! Here’s lifeliver166‘s sentence using last week’s Word of the Week, decorum: Behaving with decorum can help others to see you as educated, polite, and interesting.

Here’s the word for this week’s iTwixie Word of the Week Challenge: largess. Largess means the kind of generosity that gives money or gifts.

How iTwixie’s Word of the Week Challenge Works
Check with iTwixie every Wednesday at 9 am Eastern Time to see who won last week’s challenge and get the new word for this week. Then just write a sentence in the comments section below. All week long, we’ll collect your sentences and we’ll use a random drawing to select a winner by the following Wednesday morning, at 9 am. The winner will get a cool prize! It’s that easy!

lifeliver166, just email your parent’s mailing address to info at itwixie dot com and we’ll send your prize to you!

Let’s all join in to congratulate lifeliver166! SMART GIRLS ROCK!

  1. food banks and charities are largress because they give food and money to the poor

  2. I thought it was spelled largesse…
    The fact that her family was poor didn’t prevent her from showing
    largess(e); every Christmas she made dolls for girls that were even less fortunate than her.

  3. Being Largess is not enough to say you’re really generous

  4. Some people are largess, and some of them can’t afford to be largess, but SOME of those people do it anyway.

  5. Her largess really showed when she donated half of her winnings from the lottery to the poor and needy.

  6. My local charity is called Largress because it gives poor children life- enhancing gifts.

Where can i buy Viagra no prescription in Fullerton California, Buy Viagra 130 mg in Orlando Florida

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