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iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge
girls can change the world
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iTwixie Word of the Week

Congratulations, bunnies-4-leah! You won last week’s iTwixie Word of the Week Challenge! Here’s the sentence that bunnies-4-leah wrote with last week’s word, advocate: I advocate animal shelters around the world.

Here’s the word for this week’s iTwixie Word of the Week Challenge: exemplify. Exemplify means to serve as a good example.

How iTwixie’s Word of the Week Challenge Works
Check with iTwixie every Wednesday at 9 am Eastern Time to see who won last week’s challenge and get the new word for this week. Then just write a sentence in the comments section below. All week long, we’ll collect your sentences and we’ll use a random drawing to select a winner by the following Wednesday morning, at 9 am. The winner will get a cool prize! It’s that easy!

You can do it, girls! Remember, whenever you win, you get a cool prize. So let’s see those sentences! If you have won the Word of the Week challenge before, be sure to send your parent’s mailing address to info@itwixie.com so you can get your prize. You must do that within 30 days of winning so don’t delay!

Good luck, girls!

  1. I exemplify my sisters.

  2. @star45 exemplifies friendship because she advocates for her best friend when her friend is upset.

  3. The word of the week challenge exemplifies how smart we are. :) Girls rock.

  4. My friend exemplifies fun.

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