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navigate to these guys Congratulations,  @shadow-girlie21! You are our Word of the Week Challenge Winner! Way to go! Now, just send your parent’s mailing address to info@itwixie.com within the next 30 days, and we’ll send you a PRIZE! How cool is that?

web link Here’s @shadow-girlie21‘s sentence using creativity: Your creativity is a gift, use it wisely!

https://cryptonextlevel.com/miser/8050 Way to go, @shadow-girlie21!

http://thinkmaya.com/?biorer=ou-rencontrer-son-homme&b40=87 best site
This week’s word
hook up with a hooters girl  is: adventurous. Adventurous means to be willing to take risks or try new things.

http://laprovence.sk/familjarnosty/3936 What kind of new things are you willing to try over Winter Break? How about Tennis?

Check out the new ligar mujeres hermosas  Girls Tennis Network Club! Join today and tell us what you like, love, want to learn or even don’t like, about Tennis!


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website here How iTwixie’s Word of the Week Challenge Works

Check with iTwixie every Wednesday at 9 am Eastern Time to see who won last week’s challenge and get the new word for this week. Then just write a sentence in the comments section below. All week long, we’ll collect your sentences and we’ll use a random drawing to select a winner by the following Wednesday morning, at 9 am. The winner will get a cool prize! It’s that easy!

Good luck, girls!


  1. I felt very adventurouse when trying to concer my fear,Sleeping without my night light,and i did,i concerd it!

  2. Adventurous? Count me in!

  3. I feel adventurous when I go up and talk to my crush!

  4. Adventurous means that you’re not afraid to try new things, to put yourself out in the world without a doubt.

  5. I felt very adventurous when I went ziplining at zip ciy

  6. Being myself gave me the courage to be adventurous and cunning.

  7. I felt very daring and adventurous when I got on the giant roller coaster.

  8. I felt very adventurous when trying octopus sushi on Christmas Day.

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