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December 26, 2013

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nairobi sugar mummy dating Every month, iTwixie’s editors give you a writing prompt to finish ANY WAY you want. This is a chance to let those creative juices flow! Go wild when you write your paragraph. Be crazy. Be daring. And have fun!

asian dating site gay Ready to give it a try?  Here’s this month’s prompt:

“We have this family tradition: Every New Year’s eve, we walk into the woods behind our house and look up at the millions of twinkling lights up in the sky. At midnight, we each pick a star and make a wish. This year, I really needed my wish to come true. In fact, everything depended on it. I was wishing for a….”

top 20 dating questions You have until January 2 to submit your amazing entry. Then we will create a poll showcasing alle creative, cool ideas we’ve collected. For a week, the girls at iTwixie will read them all carefully — and vote for who they want to be iTwixie’s Writer of the Month. We will announce the winner on January 9!

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  1. click here to investigate what I wish for is a bug happy famley and friends that care about me. a famley that wont fight or wont make each other sad. And friends that help each other and stick by each other.if all friends and famley fight there would be no happyniness in the world.i wonder day and night how could people hurt there famley not just phyical pain but mental to. how could parents abuse and rape there kids. why is it possible to kill your famley with out feeling sad.i just wish for ALL famleys have people who care about them. sorry its so short but this is a real wish of mine not just a prompt

  2. I wish for peace. Just peace. I’ve been seeing the news and everywhere on the screen there are articles for kidnapping, murder, and wars. Love has just not been happening in some places. I think the perfect New Year would be peaceful. You might say” Oh well, life goes on.” But actually, it doesn’t. So, even though I’m 10 and sorta young to understand these bad things, when I was 8, my sister got hit by a car. It was a miracle she only had road burns and a headache! I’m still scared that it will happen again! I wish this will not happen on New Year to anyone. This is one of the worst thing that can happen. Peace would keep accidents, murders, and other horrible things from happening. So one of my New Year resolutions is to give the gift of peace in my community. I think if we all work together, we can make the whole world peaceful! ” Peace is important. We can’t have life without it.”-Me. We can make this possible, but it’s not as easy as posting a comment about peace. So get out there and be the peacemaker of YOUR town!

  3. I was wishing for someone to help our family. We were slowly starving and we had no food. We lived in a small wood cottage with leaks in the roof. Our family members already passed and I knew we were next. Finally, New years eve came and we all went to the woods in the way back of our house and as soon as it was time I searched the sky and found a tiny star in the far east. I silently made my wish and then prayed for the wish to come true. A few days afterwards while I was holding my sick baby brother, I heard a knock at the door. I went to the door and opened it. A man stood there, He was tall and wore a silk suit. He looked deep into my eyes and said, “I know your father from work, and I know you are very poor and have no food left.” I nodded. “Well I have come to bring your family a gift, follow me.” I slowly closed the door and followed the man to a large black truck and watched as he pulled the tarp off of the back. I gasped and stood completely still as I stared at the food and clothing the man had brought to us. “Thank you.” I whispered. He nodded and handed me a wrapped package. I carefully opened the package and saw….. money. It wasn’t much but it was enough. I just stood there for a minute, then I threw my arms around the man and said thank you about a thousand times before I finally let go and started bringing stuff inside. My whole family thanked the man again and he left. My family also sent extra supplies to Africa and Haiti for the starving families there. It was the greatest new years ever.

  4. We have this family tradition: Every New Year’s eve, we walk into the woods behind our house and look up at the millions of twinkling lights up in the sky. At midnight, we each pick a star and make a wish. This year, I really needed my wish to come true. In fact, everything depended on it. I was wishing for the end of world hunger, or at least that one more person in the world didn’t go to bed hungry anymore. I was almost positive it wouldn’t happen, but who knows? the weirdest things happen when you wish upon a star.
    Finally, it was new years eve. me, my two sisters, and my parents paraded into our back forest, with blanket, pillows and a watch. we spread the blankets out and got ready. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEARS!” we all screamed at the same time. we looked straight up at the sky for the first time and looked for the perfect wishing star. i finally found such a perfect one i almost shouted from joy, but instead i bit my tongue. i didn’t want to waist a perfect moment. under my breath, i sang “star light. star bright. 1st star i see tonight. wish i may, wish i might. have the wish i wish tonight. i wish that at least one little girl gets to go to bed full every night.” i prayed with all my heart that my wish would come true.
    two weeks later on my way home from school, i picked up the mail from our mail box. i flipped through it like i do every day, and saw a letter that almost made me shout out loud for joy, the same way i did when i was wishing on the star. but again i held my tongue. instead, right there on the sidewalk i ripped open my letter, and saw that my wish had come true! now, i was able to donate money for a program that feeds kids that couldn’t feed themselves more than twice a day. and only small meals, too. i immediately thanked my luck star that i got my wish, and hurried home to start filling it out.
    i am now the company’s best customer, even though i am 11 years old. and, once in a while, i get letters from the little girls and boys that have gotten my donations and are eternally grateful for my generosity, and how once they have enough money, they will help other hungry people, to

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