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The Denver Zoo Helps Save Animals

singlereisen frau kennenlernen Did you know that zoos help to save endangered species by helping them have and raise young. Here are a few, new animals that were recently born at the Denver Zoo.  ALL of these animals are endangered:

recherche femmes musulmanes http://grovesvetclinic.com/lidiya/867 STEM Challenge: 

rencontre celibataire eure 1. Try and name the animal in each picture.

rencontres femmes seniors vaucluse 2. Where does this animal live in the wild?

http://mariechristinedesign.com/?misleno=agadir-rencontre-serieuse&dd0=85 Give an answer and YOU WILL WIN a STEM Challenge Achievement!  So give it a try, see how much you know!

site gratuit de rencontre echangiste Check back next week, on July 2, for the answers!

site gratuit rencontre  

http://grovesvetclinic.com/lidiya/891 a.

http://www.3www2.de/marcipanu/5302 baby_grevys_zebra01









DenverZoo_logo   mission_statement4




( Photo Credit: the Consortium and the Denver Zoo)

  1. 1:zebra-this animal is found in south Africa where the dry desert regions are
    2:snow leopard-this animal would be found in the mountains of central Asia
    3:przewalski horse-this is a rare an endangered substance in which it lives in central Asia just like he snow leopard

    that is my facts about the 3 animals in which you want me to tell you about.

  2. a. zebra. lives on the plains in Africa
    b. snow leopard? lives in mountains
    c. some kind of horse or donkey? lives in Austalia maybe?

  3. Zebra found in Africa

    Bobcat found in South America or Dessert

    A Something type of horse thinking somewhere in Europe can’t place the name/

  4. Zebra. Found in African dry desert regions and open grasslands.

    I’m thinking Snow Leopard. Found in the mountains of Central Asia.

    And the third one is a Przewalski’s Horse! I read all about them in elementary school. :D They’re very rare and endangered now, but originally they’re from central Asia.

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