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    glamourgirl151 - "Hi I live on a farm in australia but we are in Brisbane right now. Tonight we are going to watch Riverfire which is a big display of fireworks and an air show "View
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    levvi-dawn - "Hi~ I was wondering, does anyone else like Vocaloid? =3 "View
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    shiningstar - "I just wanted to say thank you to iTwixie! You changed my life! I don’t just get to blog and be in cool clubs; I am encouraged! You made me proud to be a girl. Thanks iTwixie! "View
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    itwixieadmin - "Let’s make a list of things to do when you’re at home and bored – but do not include stuff on the computer or phone – real life stuff to do. Ready? Here are 10 things: 1. Sit outside an listen to the birds and […] "View
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    belliejean - "i am sorry guys i have not been here for a while . i was busy with school and friends . happy veterans day . let me know if your dad or mom is a veteran. my dad not a veteran yet not in a couple years and my mom […] "View
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    savetheearth - "Hello, iTwixie girls! I am SOOO excited to be a member! I am new here and am looking for friends on here. If you want to be my friend, let me know! ;) see you! "View
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    veronique - "@edelene happy belated birthday! I know it was your birthday on June 23rd but I have not been on since last year but I still remember your birthday ;P so… Happy belated birthday!!! "View
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