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    itwixieadmin - "Let’s make a list of things to do when you’re at home and bored – but do not include stuff on the computer or phone – real life stuff to do. Ready? Here are 10 things: 1. Sit outside an listen to the birds and […] "View
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    shiningstar - "uni is an abbreviation for uniform! ; ) "View
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    belliejean - "Guess What person is in my profile picture. Hint Its a pop singer . #2Hint its a man (with long curly Black hair) GUESS NOW !!!!!!! "View
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    galacticlullaby - "Hi guys! You probably don’t remember me, but it’s Kirsten here. Just thought I’d reminisce on some old memories. "View
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    levvi-dawn - "Has anyone else heard Sofia Carson’s song, “Back to Beautiful”? It’s such a good song, and has a good message! You should really listen to it. c: "View
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    creativekitten - "Believe in yourself! :3 "View
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    cutegrl09 - "Hey everyone! I play the flute and guitar. What instruments do you play? "View
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    amarabonbon - "Oh my gosh! I haven’t been on here since July 8, 2015! Wow! So much has happened since then. "View
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    brightheart - "Hey guys! So im going to do a bit of blogging,but im on a couple of other sites,so not everyday i’ll blog. i like warrior cats by erin hunter,harry potter(i have not finished all the books though) Yu-gi-oh, and hamilton "View
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    rebecca - "7 years ago this May, iTwixie hit the internet We vowed to help raise voices of girls around the world to help the world to hear what girls really think about, care about and want and need. It’s been an amazing 7 […] "View
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    jl2006 - "Why is everything waiting approval? How long does it take to get something approved? "View
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    uniabbie - "Hey guys! I just finished Mulan Jr. Show. It was amazing. "View
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