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Have Your Say for Girls at the United Nations!

Ready to take ACTION? Here’s how YOU can make a difference in our world. Our friends at The Working Group on Girls have put together this way for you to help CHANGE THE WORLD for girls. So get ready!

World leaders want to know what you think is most important for girls’ rights. Now is your chance to make sure that GIRLS VOICES are heard at the United Nations.

Every time YOU participate in one of the 11 Days of Action, you will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of UGG Boots!


Tell us how you would change the world for girls! Complete the form below and with each post, you could win one of 11 pairs of UGG boots given away today!

[gravityform id="110" name="First Day of Action " ajax="true"]


Be sure that your VOICE is HEARD.


I need to buy Viagra in Springfield Illinois, Buy Viagra online in Arvada Colorado

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