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11 Days of Action – Day 4
Mixed Media Painting by Dean Russo / Dumbo Arts Center: Art Unde

Today we are asking you to tell the world about a book, a movie, a TV show or another media sort that gets it RIGHT!

This media makes you feel proud to be a girl, excited about all the choices you have and certain that your dreams can come true.

Just write the name of the book, show, advertisement, movie, whatever that has inspired you in the comments below.  We will make sure the media source hears about your approval.

We want to recognize good media and every entry YOU make will give you a chance to win a pair of UGG boots. SO FUN! So write a lot of media sources down ;)




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(Photo Credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML )

  1. I really love the website http://www.freerice.com because I can practice my vocabulary while kids across the world get fed. This website makes me feel proud of myself because I know that I am helping to feed starving children.

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