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When American Girl first started making dolls, they told the stories of amazing girls from hundreds of years ago. iTwixie recently caught up with a representative from American Girl to find out what American Girl is doing now.

iTwixie: What is today’s vision/mission for American Girl?

American Girl: American Girl’s mission is to “Celebrate Girls.” From our books to our dolls to our experiences—it’s all about celebrating who girls are right now.  Our vision is “To Be the Premier Lifestyle Brand that Girls Love and Moms Trust.”

iTwixie: How does your team decide which stories to tell?

American Girl: Great Question! Our stories have always come first when we are creating  a new character (historical or contemporary). It’s a very collaborative process with our in-house team of editors, researchers, and designers, as well as the selected author. For historical characters, we first consider a geographic area and a particular time period that we haven’t covered yet. We also tap into what girls and moms are telling us they are interested in reading about. Whenever we develop a story, though, we always want to offer an optimistic perspective (we want to inspire girls!); we also want to make it fun and provide pure enjoyment for girls; and, we want to be relevant for girls, helping them build a solid foundation on which to grow for the rest of their lives.

So there you have it, girls. American Girl wants to hear from YOU! Tell us which story YOU want to see in their next doll. We’ll help put together all of your ideas and send them over. Pretty fun, right?

And when you do, you’ll get a cool Girlpower Achievement, for speaking up and sharing your good ideas. When you share your ideas, the world gets better. So tell us, what is a girl story that YOU want to hear about from American Girl?



  1. I want to see one from the 1950s! One about a girl named June who tries to help a disabled friend!

  2. i think they should do someone from pilgrems

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