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Bad Girl Delilah

karlsruhe frau sucht mann Delilah’s story is simply the story of a greedy, deceitful girl, right? Sure, that’s bad. But is it really bad? Is Delilah’s story bad enough to make her one of history’s Baddest Girls?

rencontre ppp 2013 Answer these questions in the comments section below:

sites rencontres serieux gratuit Delilah agreed to pretend to be in love with Sampson so that she could figure out his secret. So that makes her devious and a liar, right? And yes, she left Sampson in a terrible lurch. But do you think it’s her fault that he died? What if:
1. Sampson had been able to escape, would we all think that she was really bad?
2. What if Sampson’s friends rescued him? Would the story have been told?
3. What happened to Delilah?

click What do YOU think? Does it matter? Is she bad as bad can be? Or are we judging her too harshly?
What’s worse: To lie? Cheat? Be greedy? To kill? To not save someone’s life?

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* Devious means to be sneaky and tricky to get your way, even if it means lying
* Lurch can mean a troublesome life situation that could be difficult to escape

  1. Love your answer, @fluff! Anyone else? C’mon girls… let’s hear it! Today’s the last day… but remember… you’ll get more chances to win tomorrow! So stay tuned!

  2. I think that it matters what she did, but I think that if it had been gender-swapped (Samson = girl; Delilah = boy) most people wouldn’t judge her as harshly. I think that not saving someone is worst because lying, cheating, and being greedy are all material. But killing is on the same rack as not saving someone’s life, because, in both circumstances someone dies. Killing is bad because you are murdering, and it shows that you are evil, but not saving someone’s life shows that you don’t have the heart to care whether or not someone dies.

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