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Share your big dreams right here! Let’s inspire each other!

  1. I dream about going to Harvard and becoming a prosecuting criminal lawyer! Bringing those bad guys to justice X3

  2. I dream of working on the International Space Station, publishing my book, and being fluent in many languages.

  3. Shall we make a game together? That would be a pretty big thing to do. :)

  4. I dream of one day, that there will be complete equality; no rascism, sexism, etc. :)

  5. I dream of becoming the President of the USA. ;)

  6. I dream of flying. All the time. I would love to fly one day. How about you? @blueivory, welcome to iTwixie! Do you have a dream to share?

Cheap Viagra in Pasadena California, Where can i buy Viagra in Lubbock Texas

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