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Happy International Day of the Girl!
It’s finally here! The 2014 International Day of the Girl! We proudly join the IDG Summit (dayofthegirlsummit.org) in celebrating IDG 2014 and are taking part in the ”Tag Me #IDG2014″ campaign all day today! Just Post a picture or message with #IDG2014 and you could WIN an official IDG 2014 t-shirt! IDG Summit will be giving 11 t-shirts away all day today!

For IDG 2014, let’s celebrate the stories of girls around the world. Let’s listen. Let’s share them. And let’s stand in solidarity with today’s girls whose voices can help solve the problems that face us, if we just listen. Let’s join with IDG Summit and take action to promote girls’ human rights, with their signature campaigns:

• IDG Summit 2014 Indiegogo Campaign
• 11 Months of Action
• IDG 2014 Girl Delegation
• 11 Days of Action
• Girls Speak Out at the United Nations

Together, we are changing the world! Happy IDG!

Buy Viagra amex in Pueblo Colorado, Buy Viagra online fast delivery in Gilbert Arizona

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