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Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother's Day
  1. site de rencontre gamer gameuse @blackthehedgehog101 and I are sisters, and our mom ROCKS! My mom will just KNOW what’s wrong, she’s always up for buying pizza, letting me fantasize about haircuts my frizzy hair will NEVER do, and lets me try it anyway. She’s super patient, she’s always willing to give a hug, and the only time she gets annoyed is when I give myself pen tattoos. She puts up with my constant singing, she even let me use her guitar so I can learn how to play! She gets me rock CDs out of nowhere, she comes to ALL my concerts and performances. She buys me LOTR books and patiently tries to help me learn Elvish.She displays my art on the fridge and always pushes me to do my best.

    rencontre sezanne 51120 “I don’t do that heroic-vampire thing, Creampuff, sorry.” ~ Carmilla

  2. joanna leunis dating MOMS. ROCK. I cannot find the any words to describe mothers. They are AWESOME!

  3. Wow, I did not know that! I agree with you @nik-nik3 MOMS ARE TRULLY AMAZING !!! My younger sister asked why there wasn’t a daughters day yesterday and my mom said every day is daughters day … IT IS A FACT MOMS ARE AMAZING

  4. For Mother’s Day I got my mom a 25 dollar Barnes and noble gift card and a big box of junior mints. We also went to caribou for a snack and then went to davanis for pizza later :)

  5. Lot’s of things make moms so amazing! First of all, they love you to death and do anything they can to support you. They work really hard, and I should know! They gave birth to you, second of all. Do any of you know how much pain a mother goes through when she gives natural birth? 57 Del (units) of pain! They truly are incredible to do that for you, because a human can regularly only handle 45 Dels of pain. Make sure to thank your mom for doing that! :D

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