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What on earth is IDG? IDG stands for the International Day of the Girl. The United Nations decided that girls are so vital to our world’s future, that we needed to set aside a global day just to celebrate girls.

Pretty cool, eh?

So all October long, let’s take a few minutes and celebrate US! How? Let’s talk about all kind of things that are important to girls, for 11 Days, leading up to October 11, the International Day of the Girl. Here are our topics for discussion for each of the 11 Days. Let’s call them the 11 Days of Action! Ready? Here you go!

Take Action Each Day of These 11 Days of Action or #11DaysofAction
October 1 – What do you do that helps girls to be successful?
October 2 - What needs to stop so girls can be successful?
October 3 - What can other girls do for girls so that girls can achieve their goals?
October 4 - What can boys do for girls so that girls can achieve their goals?
October 5 - When you hear the word girl, what do you think?
October 6 – How will the world one day be led by half girls and half boys?
October 7 – Are you a strong girl? What does that mean?
October 8 – What dreams do you have for girls?
October 9 – If you could speak at the United Nations, what would you say?
October 10 – What’s the most important thing we need to do to help girls succeed?
October 11 – Tell everyone you see Happy IDG 2015! #IDG2015

Just click on each day to add YOUR thoughts, ideas and shoutouts!

Here’s to a Happy IDG 2015! #IDG2015

  1. 8.I dream that one day girls will have the respect they deserve from everybody, and we’ll be treated as equals next to the men. Oh, what a day that will be!
    9. I don’t know what the united nations are, but I guess I would say, “To all the women and men out there, I know that we can keep fighting for our freedom, and very soon, the world will be a better place!”
    10. There are tons of things we could do to help girls succeed, but I think the most important thing would be to help girls learn things that they’ll need for the future, and just get the women interested in physics and things like that, so then maybe we can earn our spot next to the men, not below them.
    11. I will, starting on here! HAPPY IDG DAY!! :D

  2. 5. When I hear the word girl, I think of a female in my brain. I think of how I want to prove that I’m just as strong (and as smart) as the boys, and I assume that most other girls want the same for themselves.
    6. Well, it depends. If we all become better people in the future, we may peacefully sign a contract that gives the females one half of land, and the males the other. But, if we continue our ways of violence, we will fight for the land we desire, and it will probably just end up as one big mess. But when you think about it, men and women can’t split up. We would stop reproducing, our generation would die off, and then only the animals would be left on the planet.
    7.Yes, I think I’m somewhat strong. Usually when someone says they’re strong, they mean physically. But it’s so much more than that! You have to be strong mentally too, and that means you have to be willing to face life’s harsh ways. The world isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean you just have to give up. You have to be strong both ways, and just keep fighting till you’ve won!!
    Okay, still a long comment. I think the next comment will be the last one. ;)

  3. I had absolutely no idea that they’ve made a day JUST for girls. Pretty cool, if you ask me. Since I missed so many days, I guess I’ll just do the whole thing in one big big comment.

    1.Um, I guess playing my instrument can inspire the future women of america to aspire in any career choice they desire.
    2.I think that bullying needs to stop putting girls down. And no, the physical bullying is not a major problem anymore. But CYBER-BULLYING and WORD BULLYING have definitely become a problem in our nation, creating images in young girl’s brains, making them think that they have to be perfect stick figures to be beautiful. It’s just awful
    3.If the other girl is having ANY problems whatsoever, just talk to her, and try to help her through her tough time. I find a lot of support through the internet, where I can be myself, but not a lot of positive things in real life.
    4.Boys can just…not be mean to the girl, and not judge the girl on looks, judge the girl on her personality.
    okay wow, this has already gotten WAY too long. I’m going to have to start a new comment. XD

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