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Let’s Pay Tribute to Shirley Temple
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Shirley Temple died yesterday. She was 85. She was the most amazing child star in the history of Hollywood. In fact, she was invited to the white house by President Roosevelt and Clinton to be honored for her amazing work in film and her positive impact on the US. As an adult, she served the US as a diplomat and served posts as appointed, by 3 different presidents. And she received an Oscar in 2005 for her lifetime achievement in film. She was adorable as a kid, forever truly talented and can continue on for all of us as a terrific role model. Could she be yours?

Let’s take a minute today and pray for all girls and their dreams — whether you want to to be an ambassador, a president of a corporation or a film star, may Shirley Temple’s example inspire us all!

You can watch one of her hits, “Curly Top,” right here, thanks to YouTube!

Rest in peace, Shirley Temple. We love you!

Photo credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirley_Temple


  1. She was an amazing actress, diplomat and businesswoman. Wow. AND she was so cute!

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