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Sensational September is Here!

Let’s make this September Sensational! How?

Try answering these two questions:
1. What is one thing you can do this month that will make your world a better place?
2. What is one thing girls can do together to make our world a better place?

Tell us your first name, age and country you live in. Then we’ll get to see how we much we think alike, differently and maybe even come up with some ideas for real change. Cool, huh?

Think about it. Tell us what you think. And let’s share these ideas with each other! By the end of the month, we’ll have a huge list of things we can do to Change Our World for the better. Cannot wait to hear your ideas! We’ll share them with our friends at the Day of the Girl Summit ¬†and get ready for the coolest day of the year for girls: The International Day of the Girl, and the Girls Speak Out at the United Nations, on October 11, 2018.


  1. 1.try to be the best cartoonist ever.
    2.try to stop pollution.

  2. 1. I will raise awareness of the importance of acceptance of people of all genders, sexualities, races, and religions.

    2. Girls can change the world through speaking out and giving back

    Mortus est novus vivus! ~ Ace

  3. 1. One thing I can do this month is to motivate girls to think positive.
    Lots of girls see the worst in each problem. Maybe your aunt died and you’re just so angry and sad. But, maybe you don’t have to be because she’s in a better place now. I will make sure girls try to see the positive in everything.

    2. Girls can make the world better by empowering the others around them. Lots of peoples limit girls. But it doesn’t have to be like this. If you like basketball, shoot. If you like video games(like me!) own it. Encourage the girls around you to do what you love even if peoples tell you not to.
    -Its your life, so own it.

  4. 1. One thing that I can do this month is to make it a point to encourage those around me with kind words. I will say something encouraging to the people I encounter this month, despite how they may treat me.

    2. Girls can make our world a better place by encouraging those around them, even if those people are unkind. Everyone deserves to have a word said to them that could bring them hope, healing, support, and comfort. Sometimes the people who are the hardest to love and encourage are the ones who need to hear an encouraging word the most.
    “Kind words are like honey–sweet to the soul and healthy for the body” Proverbs 16:24.

  5. Here are some things girls can do to make to world a better place.
    1. Compliment each other ( or anyone really ;) )
    2. Smile
    3. Help inspire others to stand up for themselves and for others.
    4. Be you!
    5. Believe in yourself and in others.
    6. Take charge – if you see something that needs to be changed change it!
    7. Speak up!
    8. Volunteer ( even if it’s just washing the dishes it still counts :) )
    9. Do helpful things without asking to or waiting for somebody to tell you to.
    10. Be a leader not a follower.
    11. Stand up!
    12. Go after what you believe is right.

    One thing on this list that I chouse to do this month is inspire somebody. I will probably end up doing all of them once this month but the one thing I choose to focus on this month is inspiring others. Either way though I will still try to do everything on this list ;)

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