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September Strengths

click for more You have strengths that you haven’t even discovered yet. What are your hidden strengths? How can YOU discover even more this September?

click site Try this:
- Jot your favorite things to do when you have free time.
- Now circle the things you love to do that make you try really hard
- Add a few things that are hard for you to do, that you enjoy doing anyway

find here Now look at that list – what do you see? Did you discover something about yourself?

http://powerhandling.com/?vikys=dating-nazareth&99e=09 Let’s share them in the comments section below and let’s INSPIRE EACH OTHER!

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  1. rencontre celibataire nc The strength to take on the increased workload of high school (uuuggghh) and patience to wait for what I want.

    • I really want a ukelele, so I am babysitting to raise money to buy myself one! It’s one of those things, like you said, that I have to have patience for, because I really just want to go buy it but first I have to babysit enough times to have the cash to buy it. I get you.

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