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Introducing iTwixie’s Word of the Day! Every Wednesday, check iTwixie at 9 am Eastern Time to find a cool word to learn and use for the day. Then write a sentence using it in the comments section below. All week long, we’ll collect your sentences and then next Wednesday morning, at 9am, we’ll announce a winner of a really cool writer’s journal and give you another iTwixie Word of the Day!

How fun and easy is this?

Today’s word: stolid.

Stolid is an adjective that means emotionless; not easily stirred emotionally; indifferent.

Get writing your sentences, girls! And see if you can impress someone today by using this really cool word!

  1. As Master Von charged his electric rays, his stolid expression was astonishing as he aimed at innocent people.

  2. Way to go, girls! YOU ARE SO SMART! I hope you both will write more sentences this week and get your friends to join in on the fun. Smart girls rock.

  3. People often turn to me because of my stolid personality, but on the inside, I rarely feel like it.

  4. Sometimes I wish I could be more stolid, because reacting to everything and being touched is beautiful, but useless in some situations.

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