This is what I pledge as an iTwixie Member:

  1. I will check out everything on iTwixie and give it a try. I might even try some stuff that I find really challenging. But I will not try anything that makes me uncomfortable. If ever I feel uncomfortable, I’ll get my parent, guardian or caregiver, and we’ll let iTwixie know what happened.
  2. I will do my part to keep myself and other iTwixie girls safe. I will not share anything about myself on iTwixie without my parents’/guardians’/caregivers’ permission. I will never share my address, telephone number, or even my full name on iTwixie.
  3. I will treat other iTwixie girls with respect. I will be polite and kind, and I will include others. I will not be rude or mean, or try to exclude others.
  4. I will not make any member feel unwelcome or unwanted anywhere on iTwixie.
  5. I will use my best words on iTwixie. I will not use hurtful, offensive, inappropriate, or bad language anywhere on iTwixie.
  6. I will respect other people’s opinions and tolerate them, even if they are different from mine.
  7. I will not post a picture of myself or my life without first checking with my parents.
  8. I am ok that it might take a day or two before I see some of my posts on iTwixie, since I understand that my username and all posts must be screened to make sure only safe posts make it on iTwixie.