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iTwixie Smart Girl Challenge
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Join the Friendship Bracelet Exchange
Friendship Bracelet DIY

You join the iTwixie Friendship Bracelet Exchange with us! Let’s get 200 girls to join the fun. You in? Here’s how you can get a real friendship bracelet from another girl in the world. So cool! Check it out:

Wow! Those beads are beautiful! Follow these steps to send in your friendship bracelet to join the iTwixie Friendship Bracelet Challenge! Here’s how it works…


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For the Good. Period.

At iTwixie, we don’t mind talking about our periods. No matter if you have them, don’t have them yet, or dread them, we know the truth about periods: if you’re a girl, you’ll have them one day and it’s about as natural a part of living as sleep. So we say, go ahead! Talk about your period! And we also know that when we talk about the truth, it can help. Who knew that talking about your period, though, could help thousands of girls? Check it out:

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Last Day Live!

Join iTwixie for our last day LIVE on December 31! 5 girls will win!

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Be a Change Agent

Together we can change the world. How? Be becoming change agents! Welcome to Be a Change Agent November! Here’s how:

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Michelle Obama Has Your Back

Once in a while, you meet someone who wants to see you soar and achieve your goals. Meet Michelle Obama, girls. She’s got your back:

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Hello iTwixie Girl!
October 18, 2016

Welcome to iTwixie! So glad you are here! Here’s how you can get going on iTwixie right now:

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Cheers to Star Power October

For Star Power October, let’s help each other be our best and tell the stories to make this month remarkable and special! We can’t wait to hear your Star Power story! Here’s how:

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The 5th Annual International Day of the Girl

Add your voice to the Girls Speak Out at the United Nations! If you’re 13-18, please send in your art, stories, songs, poems or more! Here’s how:

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Vote for Blogger of the Month for June
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Vote for Blogger of the Month for June! Here’s how:

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Say NO to the Summer Slide this July

Stay Smart, Savvy and Say NO to the Summer Slide this Summer! Here’s how:

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