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Congratulate iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month for June!

iTwixie girls blog about all kinds of things. Well, this girl’s blog just won her the honor of iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month for June. Way to go! See who it is:

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Vote for Blogger of the Month

Vote for the iTwixie Blogger of the Month for June! Here’s how:

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Introducing the All New Blogger of the Month!
Cool tweens by apparena

You can nominate an iTwixie girl for Blogger of the Month, right here! Who do you want to win?

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Make a Splash this June

CALLING ALL GIRLS! How can YOU Make a Splash this June? Check it out:

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A+ April
April 1, 2015

Is there a difference between A+ work and your best work? Check it out:

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Word of the Week Winner & New Word
iTwixie Word of the Week

Check out this week’s Word of the Week and congratulate last week’s winner! Just click Read More:

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Happy Motivational Monday!

Happy Motivational Monday!  Each of us has the potential to be successful in life. What do you think each of us needs to do to be successful, then? Tell us right here:

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Best Brands for Girls Vote

We have news for you! Introducing a brand new feature on iTwixie: Best Brands for Girls. Check out how you can speak up and be heard when it comes to your favorite brands:

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Girl Dignity

Your Girl Dignity is yours. It’s yours to keep, protect and celebrate. It’s made up of your idea of who you are and your potential for greatness. You have a unique purpose in this world and no one else can be you. You rock. So here are ways to preserve your Girl Dignity: 1. Walk […]

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You are Created Equal
We Want YOU

At iTwixie, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all girls and boys are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We borrow this simple truth from the Declaration of Independence, and alter it ever-so-slightly to specifically […]

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