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Way to go, @cute-cupcake-girl! You are the iTwixie Blogger of the Month for June! After 200 hundered votes, you edged out the other Bloggers and are this month’s winner! Way to go! Now, just send your parents’ home mailing address to us (info at itwixie dot com) and we’ll send a special prize to you! You rock!

Calling all iTwixie girls: be sure to read each other’s blogs and see how they can spark your to write your own blogs! Maybe YOU will be our next Blogger of the Month!

How the New Blogger of the Month Works
For each month in 2017, our iTwixie Team will choose 5 girls to be featured in a vote for Blogger of the Month. Then we all get to vote for who we think ought to win. The winner will get a prize! Once you’ve won Blogger of the Month, you will need to wait a year before getting another chance to be featured in the vote, so that more girls get the chance to win. Sound fun?

Get blogging and voting and maybe YOU will be our next Blogger of the Month!


  2. Excellent Jooooooooooob!!!

  3. who is @cutecupcakegirl?

  4. Finally!!!!!!! Wow itwixiealamn lazy slacker

  5. Yay @cute-cupcake-girl I visit your blog almost every day!!

  6. Well done cute cupcake girl

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