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New Year Resolutions

What was your favorite part of 2014? What do you wish to make even better in 2015? Think about it. This is how you can make sure to kick off 2015 with a Bang this year! Really! Just follow these 4, easy steps:

First, take a few minutes to think about all that happened in 2014: the good, the bad, the surprising and the ugly.

Now, think about how you can build in a little bit of extra flare, hope and joy in the New Year.
Here are some ideas:
- do you wish you had spent more time with your family doing fun things?
- did you remain curious about school or are you bored with it?
- are you hoping to make any clubs or teams in 2015?
- is there something you wish you had done better in 2014, like practicing your instrument or staying up to date on schoolwork?

Jot all of these ideas down. Then look at them and choose 3 that are most important to you.

That’s it! Now you are ready to make a list of 15 — in honor of 2015 — ways you can make those 3 things happen. 
So let’s say your 3 things are:

1) Do better in school
2) Play my instrument better
3) Have more fun with a sibling

Then maybe your list of 15 things could look like this:
1) Do homework before relaxing every day after school
2) Make sure to ask 3 questions a week so I am not confused about the work I’m doing in school
3) Spend 15 more minutes looking over my study guides so I can do even better on my quizzes and tests
4) Practice 15 more minutes 3x/week playing my instrument
5) Find a piece of fun music to play on my own
6) Play for my parents or siblings 1x/week
7) Ask my sibling to make a craft with me 1x/week
8) Make lunch with my sibling on the weekends
9) Smile at my sibling every morning
10) Think about how I’m doing with these goals every Sunday
11) Post these goals on my mirror in my room so I see them every day
12) Consider sharing these goals with someone, like a parent, so that they can help me meet these goals
13) Give myself a reward every time I complete a goal, so I always feel good about how I’m really doing it!
14) Help siblings, family members or friends thing about their goals, too, so that we all support each other
15) Keep these goals safe all year long and think about them at the end of the year, 2015!

If you feel comfortable, share your list right here! You can inspire every girl in the iTwixie Nation!

Make a scroll of each of your goals. Open a new one every time you achieve a goal. So cute, right?


  1. Luv this itwixie thank you soooo much! This is a great and organized way to help you complete you New Years resolutions!

  2. This is awesome! I made my resolutions based on this! Thanks soooo much iTwixie admin!

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