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Do you ever catch yourself saying these? (Oh, NO! You may be a slacker!)

Don’t fret! iTwixie’s BFF, Dr. Michele Borba! (Dr. Borba also helps NBC’s TODAY SHOW and many other cool groups. She rocks!)

1) “I can’t find my homework!”  Here are some steps that might work for you:

a. Use special storage tricks like putting a hook or box by the front door or your bedroom door with two heavy-duty folders on the wall. Label one “To do” and the other “Done.” When you get home, take out your homework assignments and put them in the “To do” folder, then hang backpack on a hook or in a box.

b. When homework is done it goes into the “Done” folder where your parent can check it for good effort. Before school you can grab “done work” and put it into your backpack. You will need to be careful to do this every day so it becomes a habit. Your parent can help you remember to do this!


2) “I forgot!” or “You didn’t tell me.” (You being anyone you might be able to blame this on!) Try this:

a. Hang a white board with days of week in a central location. Write or draw reoccurring assignments on appropriate days (Mon.: soccer; Tues.: spelling test; adding new tasks (field trip on Thurs.) as needed. Look at the organizer daily until looking becomes a habit.

b. Use a date book or organizer. You can transfer duties into a small date book with a page for each school day and store it in your backpack and you can also use the alarm feature on your cell phone or computer as a chime reminder!


3) “I don’t know what to do first!” When you have lots of things to do, it is hard to get started. Try this:

a. Break down a big project, report or nightly assignment into smaller tasks. Ask “What are things I need to do?” Then write or draw each task on Post-it notes, and stack them in order from the first to last thing to do. As each task is completed, rip up each Post-it (this is fun!) until all are completed. Later you can learn to make checklists and cross things off, but a long list can seem like too much at first.

b. Ask someone to help you have rules for doing your work first and then playing!


4) “It’s too hard!”(Everyone feels this way sometimes, even if they do not say so!) Try this:

a. Divide your homework into smaller pieces and tell yourself to do “one piece at a time.” Increase the size of each piece after you have completed a few assignments successfully. Gradually you will learn to piece any task into smaller more manageable parts. (Like eating an elephant one bite at a time!)

b. Do the hardest thing first because you will most likely have more energy at the start of a study session. Once that’s done you can start on easier tasks.

c. Do not ask to be rescued! If you really need encouragement, ask a parent to watch you get started to be sure you are doing the assignment correctly! This may seem unnecessary, but getting rescued becomes a habit quickly! You want to do this yourself!


5) “I worked long enough!”(If you do not have a good sense of time, this WILL happen to you!) Try this:

a. Use a timer! Decide before you start how long you want to work. Then use sand-timer, oven timer; sibling: a stopwatch, cell phone alarm (anything!) so that you will actually work a set amount of time. You will even get a better sense of time!

b. Play “beat the clock.” Challenge yourself to see how many problems you can finish in 30 minutes!


Tell iTwixie how you used these ideas and you can earn this achievement:


(Photo Credit: Gabrielle Cyr & special thanks to Dr. Michele Borba for these great study tips on “how to not be a slacker!”)

  1. i have caught myself saying those things once in a while, and when i do, i get another person in the picture, whether its a friend, or my cousin, or my mom.

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