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February 7, 2013


room art by spinner119
Photo Credit: spinner119

Home art gallery.

Madness by AllyRat
Photo Credit: AllyRat

This is a drawing with three of the main people for my comic MADNESS!  ~ AllyRat

Lego Flag by FantasticFrenzy
Photo Credit: FantasticFrenzy

Me and my sister made this out of LEGOs. Cool, right?

acrylic by spinner119
Photo Credit: spinner119

This was done with acrylic paints and I had the abstract idea in mind.

Photo Credit: RedArgent

Hello luvs, it’s RedArgent here. I made these using Paint, the pictures belong to the owners. It’s my tributes to the best Titan ever!  

Argent II
Photo Credit: RedArgent

Luna by Unahachichi
Photo Credit: Unahachichi

Luna guitar decorated by Unahachichi!

acrylic II by spinner119
Photo Credit: spinner119

Abstract acrylic II by spinner119

Photo Credit: AvatarKorra

I pretty much live by this, LOL. I wish everybody did. 


So, how fun is this? Send in your art and see it right here! New art will be posted on Thursdays.

Just email your art to submissions@iTwixie.com. Make sure you include your username, age and any questions you want to ask.

Kewl, right?




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