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Welcome to Be a Change Agent November on iTwixie!

All November long, we’re going to change things in our every day world, to make our world a better place. How? It’s easy!


Each of us plays a role in helping to create the world we want to see. And for girls, it’s even more important now than ever. Most of you have told us that you don’t like the stories about girls you see on TV and in the movies. You say that a lot of the time, the girls on TV and in movies aren’t like you. You tell us that you want to see more girls on TV and in movies that you can relate to; are more like you.

But you also tell us that you want to see all kinds of girls — not girls who look just like you — but girls who are dealing with the same kind of things that you are dealing with.

So, let’s do it. Let’s ask for these stories. What are they? Tell us! Speak up! Let’s talk about the things we all deal with, every day, that might make a good TV show or movie. Let’s be Change Agents!

What else do we want to change? Share those things with us, too!

Got more ideas? Tell us those, too!

Then, on November 30, we’ll award one of you the title of iTwixie Change Agent! Maybe it will be YOU! The winner will get:
- an official Day of the Girl 2016 t-shirt, signed by iTwixie’s founder, Rebecca
- a special feature on the Home Page of iTwixie in December, with an interview and picture, and
- to choose the theme for December

Have fun, girls, and show off how you can Be a Change Agent this November!

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