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You can become an iTwixie STAR! Here’s how:

-  Earn 1,000 Achievement Points


- Win Writer of the Month, Blogger of the Month, Green Tween, or BeYOUtiful Tween 


- ALL iTwixie Experts automatically turn into an iTwixie STAR!

Super cool, right?

If you think you’re ready to be an iTwixie Star, just write a message on iTwixieAdmin’s wall. If you’re right,  you will get an iTwixie STARS Achievement badge! And get this: When you become an iTwixie STAR, you get a whole year of FREE iTwixie’s Twixing!

Here is the parental permission form you will need if you have never had Twixing before! It’s so easy to sign and mail in or email in!!

Free iTwixie Twixing Permission Form

So keep on earning iTwixie Achievements, girls! And good luck! Cannot wait to see YOU become an iTwixie STAR!

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