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It’s National Poetry Month sooooo — we are going to have a poem for you to finish this month.  You can write a new section or you can take the first line and write a whole new poem — your choice!

Finish or write a new poem! Every girl who sends in an entry will be published and featured next week! That’s right! On April 26, we’ll get to read all the entries and vote for the iTwixie Writer of the Month! The vote will run for 1 full week and the winner will be announced on May 3. KEWL!

Your entry can be short or long. So have fun! And get this: the winner will get a writer’s journal from our friends at Compendium!

Just finish this poem in the comment section below to be included in the vote next week on April 26. Remember, all of your great poems will only show up next week – so don’t freak out when they don’t show up here :) Now get writing! This one’s fun:


My jeans are comfy
A sweatshirt is too
I like to be cozy
How about you?




And here’s a big thank you to our friends at Compendium, for providing the coolest writing journals for our Writer of the Month!

Please note, none of the entries will be posted until next week. Good luck, girls!

Be zany! CRAZY! Creative! And of course… have fun!  :)

 (Photo Credit: Hipnos)

  1. When I open a book,
    And get in to a nook,
    I read the first page,
    And get sucked into that age.
    The Pages fly by,
    And so does the time.

    And as each chapter passes in front of my eyes,
    “just a little bit more?” my inner reader cries.
    “this book is amazing!
    it’s all I’m craving!
    i need to know what happens next,
    let’s go on, let’s go on,
    we should, let’s!”

    Then I sigh and keep going,
    a flurry of pages moving,
    till I turn that last page,
    and the most horrible thing happens of all this age,

    “Oh no, The back cover!”
    My inner reader starts to cower.
    “A reader’s worst nightmare
    has gotten over here!”
    “This is a catastrophe!
    Something must be done!
    Is there something wrong with me?
    Or can we do none?”

    Then another book on the shelf catches my eye,
    And I think, oh my!
    Another book!
    With a shiny new look!
    No need to fret,
    about the one I finished yet,
    There’s a new book right here!

    And as I take the book,
    And settle in my little nook,
    I open the cover,
    Opening a new book…

  2. Or this one:

    A Mouse
    There was a tiny mouse,
    That lived in a house,
    We tryed to give it cheese ,
    And then it sneezed!

  3. I love poems:

    My dog:
    My dog is brave ,
    And she doesn’t need a grave,
    She is sometimes curious,
    And she is always mischievous !

  4. I love poems,,

    They love to play,
    And sleep all day,
    Pandas are cute,
    But they shouldn’t wear boots!

  5. I love this…

    Puppies are cute
    Some are so furry
    Fish are cute too
    They swim in a flurry

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