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“I’m not beYOUtiful like you. I’m beYOUtiful like me!” ¬†is our quote for this month.

Do you know a girl who seems so much herself that she fits this saying? Is there a girl on iTwixie who makes you think this way?

Put her name in the comment section below!

Next week on October 20, we will vote for the most beYOUtiful iTwixie girl from those you nominate. Be sure to tell us why you enter a girl here!!

Can’t wait to hear about all the beYOUtiful girls on iTwixie ;)



(Photo Credit: ~Staci Lee~)

  1. i want 2 nominate my friend lili. she fits this quote exactly, and she’s really, really funny

  2. I would like to nominate @missmonkey for iTwixie’s beYOUtiful tween for October. @missmonkey is amazing <3 She is always so real in all of her posts and comments around iTwixie. She just went to the UN for the Day of the Girl and again her way of telling us about it is so neat! Check her out at @missmonkey

Where did you buy Viagra in Green Bay Wisconsin, Where to buy Viagra in Westminster Colorado

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