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Girl Friendship 2019

10372765_782327828472247_6872334537507959162_nHow do you feel when your friends encourage you? If you don’t make the team, do your friends say try again? If your friend fails the test, do you say you’ll study harder and get a better grade next time?

How do you help your friends unleash their Star Power?

How do your friends help you activate your Star Power, too?

Our Star Power is the stuff that makes us special. When we encourage each other, we help each other achieve our best. It’s awesome! So tell us YOUR story! It’s our theme for October and we cannot wait to hear from you!

  1. Sometimes I feal sad ,but then my grinds come and tell me a funny joke.
    Or sometimes we louse in a dodge ball,but my team says” we will Winn next time ” and we always do.
    Yeeey friends & froendship

  2. This is so fun – and it’s true – when my friends encourage me I feel like I could do anything. And we make fun of each other, too. Which is always funny and fun so yeah, I guess having friends around is always a good thing.

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