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Thank you, girls, for voting for the All New Blogger of the Month! And here’s to 

Get blogging, girls, because NEXT WEEK we’ll begin taking nominations for Blogger of the Month for July! So get blogging! Get reading other girls’ blogs! Who knows, maybe someone will nominate YOU!

And please be sure to congratulate @chloegymnaskills3! Her blogs are so fantastic! She writes about everything from what she’s thinking to crafts to cooking ideas to traveling, fashion and fun! Keep up the great blogging, @chloegymnaskills3! And just send in your parent’s mailing address and we’ll get your uber cool iTwixie t-shirt in the mail within the next 3 weeks (they aren’t in yet!!!!). So please be patient and keep an eye out for them!

How iTwixie’s Blogger of the Month Works
iTwixie’s bloggers ROCK! Some girls write poems, tips, reviews, or just everyday kinds of funny stuff! Each month, we take nominations for a Blogger of the Month. Then, those bloggers get featured in a vote for a whole week, for the iTwixie Nation to choose that month’s Blogger of the Month. The winner will get an iTwixie t-shirt! How cool, right?!? Each month, we’ll take care to award a NEW blogger. Sound good? It’s our way of recognizing the cool bloggers that make iTwixie so special.

Great blogging, everyone! iTwixie girls ROCK!


  1. Nice job girl, you deserved this!


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