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DIY Halloween Costumes

http://www.newmen.eu/mysoroj/viosa/2558 Here are a few ideas for GO GREEN:

rencontre japonais Go Green     Jazzy Green
The basic idea is to use green makeup and as much GREEN of anything else you can find!

look at this site Here are a few word clues for other costumes:

http://www.camelotsduroi.fr/mimino/128 Saturn (use glitter covered tights and shirt for stars and hula hoops for Saturn’s rings!)
Cat out of the Bag (dress like cat and carry a bag)
Self Portrait (carry large frame with no glass or back and hold it up to yourself)
Ceiling Fan (carry pom poms and cheer for the ceiling)
Iron Chef (wear chef hat and carry an iron)
Pumpkin Pie (wear pumpkin colored top and add tape in the form of π )

discover this info here maine speed dating SO FUN! 

find Tell us your ideas in the comments below! It would be awesome if you could send in a photo, too!

you can find out more  

site de rencontre bio belgique (Photo Credit: bowler1996p Costume ideas from GLAM and Real Simple)

  1. I’m making my own costume for Halloween! I’m being Medusa from Soul Eater. I’m making everything, except the wig.

    TIME TO DUEL!~Hinata

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