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Here is a fun way to keep track of your important info and decorate your study space!

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  • 9 round cork trivets
  • 1/2 yard uber cool material
  • scissors
  • staple gun or thumbtacks
  • chalkboard spray paint
  • spray paint in color that goes well with your study area
  • Double-sided adhesive dots or strips

You will grab a parent to be sure you use a good location and you will:

  • Cover 3 cork trivets using cool material, scissors to cut to correct size, and staples (or thumbtacks) to hold material in place.
  • Spray paint 3 cork trivets with chalkboard spray paint (2 coats of paint).
  • Spray remaining 3 cork trivets with cool-colored spray paint.
  • Add adhesive dots or strips to back side of trivets and arrange on wall over your desk.
  • Have push pins and chalk handy to use!

Tell your BFFs how you used this idea or one of your own and earn this achievement!



Now you have a personalized and easy to use message center! Way to GO!!

(Design and photo in HGTV By Chelsea Costa )

  1. love that will be doin that soon

  2. i am going 2 redecorate my room, and i will certainly do that

  3. i did something similar to your idea but I used old poster board formed it into a box then I took the paper on each side cut the paper where the line was the I decorated the paper and glued on each side with my glue stick

  4. I took old cans and covered them with colorful paper. Put in some pencils and you have a pencil holder. Also try getting creative with the paper, draw on it or add stickers.

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