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Play the Friendship Bracelet Game

Here’s how you can play iTwixie’s Friendship Bracelet Game! It’s so fun because EVERYBODY WINS! Here’s how YOU can play:

1. Make a bracelet and put it in an envelope addressed to:

iTwixie Friendship Bracelet Game
PO Box 85
Allison Park, PA 15101

2. Write a note for the girl who’ll get it! Say something like: “Hi! I’m Rebecca and I live near Pittsburgh! Hope you love your bracelet.”

3. Put an extra envelope in, too, that has 2 stamps on it and is addressed to YOU! This is how you’ll get a bracelet back!

REMEBER: Wrap the bracelet that you send in another piece of paper, or a little plastic bag. It will protect it! And be sure to write HAND DELIVER on your envelope so they don’t put your package in a machine. And then, your bracelet will arrive within TWO WEEKS!

Let’s see if we can get 1,000 girls to play this game before iTwixie’s 7th Anniversary, which is May 14, 2016!

Ready? GET SET! Go! Tell your friends! It’s so fun to play this game with a bunch of our BFFs!

Want to learn how to make a friendship bracelet? Tell us, right here!

  1. Have you ever heard about cyber saftey? I think that is so unsafe. That person who your sending the bracelet to might not be who you think she is. I’m a normal 11 year old girl. But how do you know that?

    • Actually, this is a totally safe exchange, because we are the ones who send the bracelets to you and we never share your mailing addresses with anyone. Ever. So join us! It’s so fun! We just mailed more out today :)

  2. Mine never came…. :,(

  3. I’m doing this! This is awesome!

  4. Are they going to do one this year in 2016?

  5. How do i make a friendship bracelet?

  6. What if i am from another country?

  7. Is it to late to play

  8. I want to do this!

  9. Wow sounds super DUPER cool and fun! I might give it a try :-D

  10. I think I will try soon :D This sounds SOOOOOO cool.

  11. Do you mean, “hand DELIVER?”

  12. I want to do that

  13. I might do this sometime :)

  14. Does this really work? Pretty cool.

  15. It’s a rainy day! What a great time to play iTwixie’s Friendship Bracelet game!

  16. I did this before but I’m going to make another one. My first bracelet lasted almost a year and I wore it every day!

  17. I did this about a year or two ago and it was really fun!

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